Monday, October 7, 2013

You like to get answers? I like to ask questions.

Answers? Questions. Is not the answer a question and the question an answer? If so then answers can be questions and questions can be answers. But if not answers are answers and questions are questions. Is not the same with right and wrong? Wrong can be right and right can be wrong. You can not have a paper that is black and white with out a molecule sliver of gray. 
One color will always bleed into another. Why do you think a rainbow has so many colors and yet is crystal clear? Just because the answer is simple does not mean it isn't complicated. That is why a complication is simple to understand, that it is just that, a complication. Does this not make sense? If not then  time is money and  money is time. 
Time is of the essence and the essence is money. Time is life and life is time. There is only time to make money and life is of the essence, or should this be changed to 'life is for the essence', is not that more effective? There is no living. Seeing as to how we put all our energy, our heart, soul and especially our body in to money, the essence of life and there always seems to not be enough. Is it time, or is it money? 
What is time and what is money. What makes these two ideas so important that there is only moments of living which is the same as not a moment at all. Moment... What is a moment if not time? Then maybe its a split in reality... maybe a moment is a second, eons, an hour, decades all rapped up into one... or maybe it is nothing at all...
But living. How are we living if life is time, time is money and money is of the essence? Where is the break from needing money? Where is the break from money-time to just plain living? Is not living enough?
This must be why living is complicated yet ever so simple. 
Have I not said that complications are simple because they are just that complications. Since this seems to be so, the complication which is simple is that by living there is all the time to ever be, the essence which is life and in life you only need money for a moment. The questions are in the bleeding colors and the answers in the wrongs. Because in the end light will shine on a crystal and a rainbow will appear that is crystal clear.

In the end what i have said is simply complicated yet also complicatedly simple.